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Coin-Operated Digital Nitrogen Tyre Inflator with Built-in Air Compressor suit for Top-Off (Outdoor, Inflator IP66)



Main Feature:

■ The unit needs a coin/s input signal to activate ■ Built in oil-less air compressor ■ Outdoor ■ Suit for: Motorcycle, Car

Product Details

Technical Data Summary

Dimensions (Height*Width*Depth)



Packing Size (Height*Width*Depth)



Net Weight 140kg/308.0lbs
Gross Weight 164kg/360.8lbs
Power Requirement 220Vac 50HZ/110Vac 60HZ
Power Consumption (No Heater)  1050VA
Operating Temperature Range (No Heater) 5°C/41°F to 45°C/113°F
Operating Range 5-75PSI/0.3-5bar/35-500kPa
Inflator Accuracy ±1PSI/0.07bar/7kPa
Resolution 1PSI/0.1bar/5kPa
Units of Measurement PSI/bar/kPa
Nitrogen Purity 95-99+%
Nitrogen Output

39L/min (1.36cfm) @116PSI/8bar/800kPa

Absorption pressure



1. Auto-start inflation
2. Automatic zero drift adjustment

3. Remain at last setting

4. Audible and visual end of the cycle signal indicators

5. Large backlight LCD display

6. Vandal resistant mechanical switches

7. 1 Nos *9M/29.5ft filling hose

8. Locking access door with locks

9. Door recessed for extra strength and additional weatherproofing

10. The unit needs a coin/s input signal to activate

11. Number of coins to activate machine is adjustable

12. Amount of time per coin is adjustable

13. The coin/s remaining time will be displayed on the lower LCD

14. Number of coins put through the machine can be displayed on the lower LCD when turn on the unit

15. Built in oil-less air compressor

16. Stainless steel cabinet

17. Light box

18. Options available:

■ Heater: When the ambient temperature lower than 5°C/41°F, the heater should be supplied to the unit to ensure the internal air compressor and inflator keep in normal good working condition

■ Bank card reader

Key words:

Petroleum and Forecourt Nitrogen Tyre Inflators



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