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High Pressure Nitrogen Generator (Indoor)



Main Feature:

■ 145PSI/10bar High nitrogen pressure make the unit a fit for almost any size automotive service facility** ■ Suit for: Motorcycle, Car, Light Truck, Bus*, Painting

Product Details

Technical Data Summary

Main Body
Height 1310mm/51.6" 1100mm/43.3"
Width 730mm/28.7" 400mm/15.7"
Depth 620mm/24.4" 400mm/15.7"
Net Weight 167kg/368.2lbs 38kg/83.8lbs
Gross Weight 200kg/441.2lbs 42kg/92.6lbs
Packing Size 

Main Body

Height 1450mm/57.1" 1180mm/46.5"
Width 730mm/28.7" 440mm/17.3"
Depth 670mm/26.4" 440mm/17.3"
Power Requirement 100Vac /240Vac 50/60HZ,
Power Consumption 45VA
Operating Temperature Range -20°C/-4°F to 70°C/158°F
Max Inlet Compressed Air Supply 217PSI/15bar/1500kPa
Compressed Air Input Flow 1100L/min (39.0cfm)
Nitrogen Purity 95-99+ %
Nitrogen Output

228L/min (8cfm) @ 116PSI/8bar/800kPa

Absorption pressure

Maximum Nitrogen Pressure in Tank 29PSI/2bar/200kPa less than the Inlet Compressed Air Supply


1. Generates nitrogen from your compressed air

2. Auto Shut-Off

3. Pre-Filter

4. 118L/31.1gal (us) external nitrogen storage tank

5. 1 Nos.*10M/32.8ft standard hose with 2 quick couplers to connect the unit and your tire inflation gun

6. Nitrogen purity test port

7. Options available:

■  No need external tank for non painting

Key words:

For Bus SUV Car Motor



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