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Maintenance of the Nitrogen Tyre Inflation System


Routine Maintenance

Change Filter Elements (Minimally every 6 months)

Caution: Perform Element changes only when system is depressurized.

1. Unscrew/detach the filter housing from the filter head and drain off any oil in the housing into a suitable container.

2. Remove and discard the used element. Replace the element with a new one of the appropriate grade.

3. Screw/reattach the filter housing back onto the filter head. Do not over tighten. Housing is sealed with an o-ring, so gently hand-tighten. 

4. Repeat this process for both filters. 

Routine Maintenance Schedule 


1. Check for air and nitrogen leaks. Tighten or re-tape fittings as necessary.

2. Check that the inlet pressure is within recommended operating range. 


Clean unit as necessary. 

Every Six Months

Replace filter elements.